Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LEGO Star Wars AT-AP Podwalker

The Lego Star Wars AT-AP Walker all terrain attack Pod of the Republic! Bombard the enemies of the republic from long range with the AT-AP (All Terrain Attack Pod) Walker! Extend the retractable stabilizer leg, open the roof and side doors to access the cockpit and controls, and elevate, rotate or release the top-mounted heavy blaster cannon. Set includes 2 clone shocktroopers. AT-AP is over 8 inches (20cm) tall and over 6 inches (15cm) wide.

Star Wars characters have a wide variation in the head type, size and shape. Lego decided to make special molds for the heads which are true to these characters. Unique and completely original molds were created for these figures. Darth Vader is a good example of this special treatment. Light sabers were also added to the line since it would not be complete without these very well known weapons.

All of the well known star ships and assorted other vehicles are included in the series. The Millennium Falcon is likely the most popular vehicle. The X-wing fighter, the Imperial AT-ST, speeders, AT-AP Walker and TIE fighters were all included. A series of location sets from several of the movies is also included to accompany the vehicles that were in the movie.

Lego has produced a huge variety of Star Wars paraphernalia. Their Technic line includes several of these items. The Technics line has more complex parts which are capable of movement and are more realistic than the well known Lego figures.

The Ultimate collector series has large and very complex designs in Star Wars material. The Millenium Falcon in this series for instance has over 5000 pieces and is the biggest Lego set ever produced.

This series of video games is definitely the best selling Lego product ever made. These video games were hugely popular and were a hit with both Star Wars devotees and video gamers. The first of the video games was based on the prequel trilogy, and the second game was based on the original trilogy. The two games were later packaged and sold together as one complete Star wars edition.

Lego Star Wars Toys, figures and other items are extremely popular with both adults and children. This is one of the really great success stories in toy production history.

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