Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Clone Troopers Battle Pack

Get ready to get a whole army in each box! Relive some of the most exciting battles of the Clone Wars saga with these Unleashed Ultimate Battles sets! This set includes characters from the Battle for Geonosis. Get your favorite figures from Attack of the Clones Troopers Battle Pack, including: Mace Windu 4 Clone Troopers 2 Battle Droids 2 Destroyer Droids Super Battle Droid There's no better way to unleash battalions of troopers and droids in your home! Unleashed Star Wars figures are back, and they're smaller than ever! With the Star Wars Unleashed Battle Packs, Hasbro provides an army in every box. Each set of four action figures is themed to a specific army, battle, or planet, and they're ready to do combat on your desk at work, your collector shelves, or in your back yard.

These troopers and bikes are just another great army builder set! The bikes are repacks, and the troopers are from the new animated line with a new paintjob. I really dig the paintjob on the troopers, they could pass for officers in my AT-TE division. Overall, there's really nothing bad I can say on this pack!

What's out there in the snow? When in doubt, send the best man for the job to find out - Han Solo! Along with Chewbacca, they're going to find out just who or what is spying on the Rebel base. Based on The Empire Strikes Back, these awesome figures and accessories let you fight it out in the snow on Hoth. So, don't miss this!

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